Sunday, May 3, 2009

How much is that doggie in the window!!!!!!

After some long soul searching and lots.....and I mean LOTS of browsing and studying, we have decided on a new pooch for our family!!!!!

I wanted a little something different at first. I thought at first I was going to go with a bulldog of some type and then I researched a Newfoundland(which by the way one day I will own....oh yes I will!) and ultimately I would of loved to have a Neapolitan Mastiff if any of you are unfamiliar with one I am posting a picture of a famous one! The first person who can post the correct answer I will give you a surprise!!!! Here's the picture!

SO any way back to what we got!!! Well drum roll please.......

This is THOR!!! He takes his name the Asgard's god of thunder. A viking legend!

His father was Zeus and nobody wanted to call him Hercules but wanted to call him something else! So we came up with THOR!

He is a German Shepherd and is a silver breed and will look a lot like his mom I have included this picture of his mom and dad! His mom being the smaller of the 2 with the blacker snout.Zeus is the ladies man to the left!!!
He is a cutie and I have attached the following video to see the killer in action!!!


I want to thank some people! I want to thank Paul of Silver Mountain Shepherds! I want to thank my mentor in this process Greg Gordon!! He is a true friend and the best damn trainer of dogs I know!!! (So if anyone needs help with their pooch let me know!) Most of all I want to thank my beautiful wife and her patience and understanding through my almost obsessive search for a new dog! I know she understands and I also want to thank her for helping feeding ,cleaning and sopping up some of those messes!!! It is more than greatly appreciated!!!More than she will know! Even if I am a freaking moron about it sometimes!! Thanks Heidi and I love you!!!


  1. That's so exciting! It's great to have a dog for the kids. We have had ours for a year and my kids love him. How fun!

  2. I'm so sad to hear about good ole Daisy. But, very happy that Thor could be a part of the family now. I love the picture of Alexa and Thor....way cute!!

  3. Awww, congrats! Thor is way cute! Love the name, too.

  4. I know who the pic of the dog is... It's got to be the big dog from Harry Potter, I think it's Hagrid's Dog. Whataya think? By the way, VERY cute dog. I hear it has an AWESOME temper! I'm so jealous!

  5. Very cute puppy! And the mastiff is Fang from the Harry Potter movies!

  6. He is very cute! We have a horse named Thor too. Also I have six red heeler/australia shephard puppies of my own if you know anyone that wants an adorable "kid broken in" dog for free!

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  8. Cool dog man. And I've always liked the name Thor!

  9. Hey, we just changed our blog address for the last time. It's now It's the last time I'll change it. Sorry